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Starting Up

Launched in 2013, N Gage Consulting S.A.E. is an Egyptian shareholder agreement enterprise specialized in supporting ‎investors in different areas of business advocacy.

Our commitment is to provide tactics and platforms enabling structured and conclusive dialogues between private sector and governments in the Middle East and Africa (Here insert link to our services).


We are dedicated to constantly protect our partners' license to operate, grow their shareholders value and contribute to the sustainable economic development of the markets in which they operate. Check some of our Client's testimonials

In the first 3 years, the firm has successfully delivered a multidimensional Strategic Leadership Agenda (SLA) approved by the Shareholders' board in June 2013. This SLA covers, in addition to the agreed NTO, UOP and ROI targets, a clear commitment to diversity, talent development and social responsibility. The SLA equally incorporate progressive plans for geographical footprint expansion by 2020.


Delivering a cumulative NTO of 2 Million US$, the firm activities are today catering more than 10 business sectors‎ and it is deploying a team of 23 carefully selected experts as well as 4 state of the art centers of excellence specializing in areas of Tax, Customs, Import and Export and Free Trade Agreements


In early 2015, N Gage Consulting further consolidate its training endeavors through the incorporation of TRAIN S.A.E, an engine fully focused on capacity building. Subsequently in June 2015, the board of directors has approved the launch of N Gage Investments with the goal of channeling of our business and regulatory know how ‎into targets investment activities in well defined strategic sectors in the region. The firm plans for the consolidation of all 3 business lines under a single umbrella - THE N GAGE GROUP - in the second half of 2017.

Sister companies

The group's future ambitions include equally the launch of The N Gage Fund, a vehicle fully dedicate to empowering and financing high impact entrepreneurs; and the creation of The N Gage Foundation, an independent entity to orchestrate and operate The Group's corporate social responsibility strategy.

The N Gage Group
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